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Pool roof systems
Új Magyarország Fejlesztési terv
Pools, tanks
PP Pools (Discounted prices - 2010)
Louverstone pools with foil lining
Tartozékok árlista
Fóliás medence szett AKCIÓK
Pricelist for winter preparation 2009
Cylinder formed tanks made from PP
Reference pictures
Swimming pools (part 1)
Swimming pools (part 2)
Mechanical construction
The birth of a pool
1. Procession to the field
2. Building the pit (1)
3. Building the pit (2)
4. March off the booms
5. The pit
6. Sidewall fall in
7, Concrete and piping
8. Lifting in the pool body (1)
9. Lifting in the pool body (2)
10. Swimming pool fittings
11. Filling up the pool
12. Placing the artifical stone (1)
13. Placint the artifical stone (2)
14. Finishing touches
15. Placing the Pool cover

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