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Louverstone pools with foil lining
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Louverstone pools with foil lining
Valid from 18. mai 2008.

We are using the Alkorplan foil type made in Belgium, which is a high quality and reliable foil with strengthened and soft. surface.

The construction of the poolbody:

  • A 15cm thich monolith groundplate made from C-16 concrete (with 15x15cm partitioned iron armour) mounted on a 5cm thick bench concrete.
  • The sidewalls are made from 20cm wide louverstones which are placed on the ground concrete, with ironing and C-16 concrete fillup.
  • We are rendering the sidewalls and the ground of the pool.
  • If needed we place stairs anr sitting banks in the pool.
Deployment of pool
Deployment price upto 30m3
50 000,- Ft/m3
Deployment price over 30m3
48 000,- Ft/m3


  • Excavation of working pit, without carrying the earth
  • Making of the poolbody with materials and technical pit
  • The price is only for orientating. We can give you end price after we measure the place


Prices for applying the foil to the pool
(Contains prices for foil and work)
Alkorplan 0,8mm
4 140,- Ft/m2
Alkorplan 2000 0,8mm
4 656,- Ft/m2
Alkorplan 2000 0,8mm patterned
5 100,- Ft/m2
Alkorplan 1,5mm strengthened
6 660,- Ft/m2
Alkorplan 2000 1,5mm strengthened
7 780,- Ft/m2
Alkorplan 2000 1,5mm strengthened, patterned
8 030,- Ft/m2
Geotextil to the ground of the pool
660,- Ft/m2
Geotextil to the sides of the pool
780,- Ft/m2
Foil for stairs, non-sliding
15 600,- Ft/m2
Foil for shelves, non-slidin
3 780,- Ft/m2
Foil for sitting bench
3 000,- Ft/m2
3 000,- Ft/m2
Charges for getting off
100,- Ft/km
Lake foil applying
3 500,- Ft/m2
Geotextil for lakes
390,- Ft/m2
Off the shelf foil
1980,- Ft/m2


Technical elements for pools according to volume

HAYWARD sandfilterhomokszûrõ, watercleaner sett with full accessoires, mounted


  • Skimmer
  • Ground sucker
  • 2,5m3/h bloweyes
  • 10Bar pipes, valves, etc.
  • Summer solar cover
  • Sand for filter
  • Praher cleaning sett (not chinese): Vaccum cleaner head, gorge pipe,  telescopic handle and greenery net.

Piping, mounting, assembling technical elements, without working out the electrical network:

For pools between 20-30 m3 volume mounted with 6m3/h sandfilter:
340 000,- Ft
For pools between 30-40 m3 volume mounted with 10m3/h sandfilter:
395 000,- Ft
For pools between 40-50 m3 volume mounted with 12m3/h sandfilter:
420 000,- Ft
For pools between 50-65 m3 volume mounted with 15m3/h sandfilter:
485 000,- Ft
For pools between 65-80 m3 volume mounted with 26m3/h sandfilter:
670 000,- Ft


Pool accessoires:
Non-corrosive ladder, 3 stage
35 000,- Ft
Non-corrosive ladder, 4 stage
38 000,- Ft
Non-corrosive handrail for Roman stairs
45 000,- Ft
Solar foil uproller, telescopic (with 3,4-4,5m pole), fixed, mounted
45 000,- Ft
Balaton type solar foil uproller, telescopic (with 3-4,5m pole), with wheels (can be moved anywhere), mounted
55 000,- Ft
Neckdouche, 60cm size, half moon figure, with 10m3/h pump, mounted
160 000,- Ft
Summer solar cover
1 000,- Ft/m2
Pool light with 12V transformator (Hayward 300 Watt/12V)
60 000,- Ft


Heating from gasfurnace with non-corrosive heat exchanger, mounted in the filterway, without establish to gasfurnace:
40 kcal
72 000,- Ft
60 kcal
98 000,- Ft
Box with life protection relais and timer switch
40 000,- Ft

Box for automatic heat controll:

  • Digital heat controller automatic,
  • Magnet switch,
  • 30mA lifeprotection relais,
  • Timr switch,
  • Fuses
68 000,- Ft


70 m3/h Kripsol backcirculating equipment for swimming, mounted in the pool and in the technical pit:
400V/3,5kW 70m3/h pump.
Profiles, pipes, etc.
Air inlet valve
Switching box: Motor protection relais, Pneumatic valace for controlling from pool
Does not contain the workout of the electrical network.
380 000,- Ft


2pcs 5m3/h Airmixing massage nozzle,
10m3/h prefiltered pump,
Fuses, switch
120 000,- Ft
3pcs 5m3/h Airmixing massage nozzle,
16m3/h prefiltered pump,
Fuses, switch
160 000,- Ft

The prices shown are without VAT!

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